Bücco - Ortho guide

First visit

At the first consultation, which lasts 45 minutes, Dr. Lebuis welcomes you by discussing with you and/or your child about the orthodontic concern. It is very important during this appointment to freely express your goals and expectations of the treatment. Thereafter, the orthodontist discusses and covers the following points:

  • Complete review of the medical history
  • Evaluate the necessity of a treatment or not
  • Discuss the different treatment options available
  • Presentation of the different types of appliances that can be used
  • Evaluate the treatment duration
  • Evaluate the ideal timing to start the treatment
  • Evaluate the necessity to collaborate with other dental specialists
  • Presentation of the cost of the treatment and the different payment modalities

Dr. Lebuis always take the time to answer as clearly as possible to all your questions.