Bücco - Ortho guide
food with braces apple,peach

food with braces apple,peach

  • Do not chew ice cubes. They are much too hard.
  • You can eat nuts but only if they are no thicker than a half a peanut or half an almond. Any thicker than that and you will need to break them into smaller and thinner pieces.
  • Be careful with certain bread crusts. Some are hard enough to break your appliances.
  • If you eat fruits with pits, be careful not to bite down on the pit; it’s much safer to simply remove the pit before eating—same goes for olives.
  • If you want to eat an apple, cut it into quarters and remove the core.
  • There are other things we sometimes put in our mouth, namely pencils, pens, forks, spoons, fingernails and other hard objects: biting down on any of these can break your the appliance.