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Fixed Palatal Expansion Device General Information

Fixed Palatal Expansion Device General Information

The palatal expander is placed on the roof of the mouth; it serves to widen the two portions of the upper jaw bone (palate). The appliance does not align teeth directly, although we note some improvement in most cases.

The device is activated by a key (dre-lebuis-orthodontiste-cle ) that is inserted into a hole in the expansion screw. Just push the key from the “front” position to the “back” position (remove the key by taking it out of its hole without pushing it forward if the key is still engaged). This forward to backwards movement is termed an “activation turn.” You must activate the device at the recommended frequency and number of turns.

The effects experienced are:

  • Opening of a space between the two upper central incisors (the space will close gradually by itself when theexpansion is completed).
  • Perceived pressure between the eyes (this is due to the fact that the two bone portions lean on one anotherupon expansion, this sensation disappears when expansion is completed).
  • Difficulty with speech: a few days to learn how to correctly pronounce certain sounds. Typically, no majordifficulties are encountered (you can however warn teachers of temporary pronunciation difficulties due to theappliance).
  • Swallowing: there may be difficulty swallowing for a few days and the muscle of the tongue can get a little soar(muscle fatigue). All returns quickly to normal.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene can be a bit more difficult and extra efforts will be necessary to avoid anyproblems.

To eat:

  • The rule of thumb is to avoid eating hard food. For hard foods, cut them into small pieces (ex: carrots cut intothin slices or small sticks).
  • It is strictly forbidden to chew gum during the entire time that this device is worn. Hard candies are permittedif allowed to melt in the mouth without chewing. It is the same for chocolate or sticky candy (ex: caramels). Beware of popcorn! Add milk to hard cereals to soften.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 514-278-9332 (leave a message with the name of the person being treated and the phone number where we can reach you).