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Fixed Palatal Expansion Device General Information

Fixed Palatal Expansion Device General Information

The palate expander is placed along the roof of the mouth and helps to slightly separate the two parts of the upper jaw bone, which make up the palate. The appliance does not work directly on aligning the teeth, though we do see improvement in most cases.

The device has an expansion screw in it and the patient uses a key (dre-lebuis-orthodontiste-cle) to engage that screw. You begin the process by firmly placing that key in the hole of the screw. Pushing the key towards the back of the mouth, a fender will rotate and a new hole will appear. The expander is moving by way of this front-to-back activation turn. The rotation stops when the key meets the back of the expander. The key can then be removed by pushing the device back. The next hole will then be visible. We’ll be setting out a series of times and turns for you to follow.

While a space between the two upper central incisors will open up, that space will eventually close by itself when the expansion is complete.

You will experience some side effects:

  • A feeling of pressure between the eyes. This is due to the two bone portions leaning against each other during expansion. This sensation disappears once the expansion is complete.
  • Change in speech. It can take a few days to relearn some pronunciation. While there are typically no significant effects to your speech, you might want to warn teachers of the appliance’s temporary challenges.
  • Difficulty swallowing. For the first few days, the muscles of the tongue can get a little sore.
  • Oral hygiene challenges. Brushing and flossing will require a little extra effort.


  • A good rule of thumb is to avoid eating hard food. You can eat it, but just make sure to cut those foods, like raw carrots, into small pieces.
  • You absolutely can not chew gum or eat popcorn with this device. Hard candies are permitted if you let them melt in your mouth. Same goes for chocolate or sticky candies such as caramels. And for hard cereals, wait for them to soften in the milk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 514-278-9332 (If it goes to voice mail, leave the name of the person being treated and a phone number where we can reach you).