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food with braces popcorn

food with braces popcorn

  • Pop-corn is very dangerous for orthodontic appliances; it is very important that, if you cannot resisteating it, to only take well-cooked pieces and to carefully crush them between your teeth without allowing the teeth to come into full contact. Unpopped or undercooked pieces should not be eaten because they are much too hard.
  • Dried hard cereals should be allowed to soften in milk.
  • Anything like chocolate or candies should not be bitten into or chewed. Hard candies will unglue braces and sticky candies can bend or dislodge the wires. For hard, soft or sticky candies let them melt in your mouth (it is even better because it lasts longer). For hard chocolate bars, break them into small pieces and let them melt in your mouth. Never forget to brush your teeth afterward. Soft chocolate such as Aero bars can be eaten normally but be careful if they may contain almonds or other nuts. Avoid candies such as caramels or jujubes.
  • It is not recommended to eat corn on the cob but rather to remove the corn with a knife.

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